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At Shift Your Style we are dedicated to helping you look and feel your best. We believe style is more than wearing trendy or designer clothes. It’s about having a polished look that flatters and defines you perfectly. While some people have a natural gift for styling, some of us need a little guidance. Aricia Symes-Elmer founded Shift Your Style to do just this: to help men and women like you with your style evolution. Our style philosophy – that it’s essential to find out what speaks to you, to incorporate what you love with the right colors, cuts and silhouettes for your body – is the heart and soul of Shift Your Style.
Headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, Shift Your Style serves the Greater Boston area. Our stylists work with you hand-in-hand, helping you develop and apply personalized style rules so you define your perfect look, love what you wear and make the most of your shopping dollars. We also customize each style package to make sure you receive the exact services you need. Some of our top services include          Closet Editing, Shop Your Closet, Event Dressing and Personal Shopping.  We are also happy to answer your individual style questions.
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Shift Your Style founder Aricia Symes-Elmer was born in the heart of New England as the only girl of five. Touting a double degree in International Business and Asian Studies from University of Vermont and MBA from New York University, Aricia has traveled the world working on a variety of roles in fashion. From coordinating designs, sourcing, manufacturing and shipping in China and Europe for a New England-based shoe company to working on the privatization of the largest chain of women’s clothing stores in Croatia, Aricia’s wanderlust also gave time to getting married and starting a family.
After having three sons of her own and making Andover her family’s home, Aricia’s life-long affinity for style played a perfect role in her desire to rejoin the business world.  Aricia has always loved to express her individuality through her clothes. For her, dressing is a creative process that involves mixing and matching to create a unique look that also reflects one’s personality. Combining her past experiences in business and her natural eye for style, Aricia launched Shift Your Style to help men and women not only dress stylishly but also with ease and confidence.
In addition to helping individual clients, Aricia is the in-house stylist and personal shopper at the Northshore Mall in Peabody, MA. She is the Style Expert for Northshore Magazine and is regular contributor on WBZ-TV .
To set up a style consultation with Aricia, contact her at Aricia@timetoshiftyourstyle.com




Jessica came to Shift Your Style with a background in office management.  Her experience working as an Executive Assistant to the President of Prudential Insurance and later seamlessly managing a 21st century household prepared her very well for managing the organized chaos of working with a team of creative minded stylists.  She is the backbone of our business and invaluable in bringing our high level of professionalism and polish to our styling work.  She is integral in maintaining professional and very personal relationships with all of our customers.

Jessica is the person to answer any questions about Shift Your Style.  She will listen and assist you in picking the perfect service and the perfect stylist for your needs.  She also works with corporations who are interested in hosting Style Clubs, booking Corporate Presentations,  Special Events and more

Contact her here, Jessica@timetoshiftyourstyle.com, to learn more about all our packages and how Shift Your Style can work for you!







Lisa received her BFA from MassArt where she studied Fashion Design and learned the technical nuts and bolts of designing, drafting and constructing beautiful and unique garments. As a former private yoga instructor, she cultivated a sensitivity and passion for empowering others ‘to enjoy the experience of being in their bodies’.Lisa  learned fashion merchandising and buying while working at Louis Boston, New England’s most prestigious luxury boutique. In addition, she holds a BA from Boston University in Anthropology and a minor in Dance.  

As a Wardrobe Stylist, Lisa utilizes all of these experiences; her trained technical eye for putting together fantastic looks, a dedication to connecting with her clients with that same yogic intention to inspire and empower, and a savvy for building a wardrobe that is timeless and yet totally contemporary. She aims to help her clients feel and dress like the best version of themselves.    To schedule a consultation with Lisa, contact Stylist@timetoshiftyourstyle.com


(Laurie's Head Shot) P1030397.RW2LAURIE MANDATO,  SENIOR STYLIST

Laurie Mandato is a Wardrobe and Style Consultant and has always been excited about fashion and style.  Her unique philosophy is formed around building an authentic image from the inside out.  “In a celebrity-focused world, with HD TV, over-the-top advertising, and constant images of perfection, it’s hard to grasp the true reality that no one is perfect,” says Laurie.  Empowering women to be confident in the bodies they have, while giving them the tools they need to reach their own version of perfection is what brings me joy.”  Laurie’s approach is not about bringing the style pages of the latest fashion magazines to your closet.  It’s about figuring out who you are, what you’re comfortable wearing, what colors work best for you , and designing a wardrobe that fits all the elements that represent an image to match your message. Laurie is a Certified Color Consultant, Fashion Fen Shui facilitator, and a member of The Association of Image Consultant International (AICI).  She is the past President of the AICI New England Chapter.  Laurie has written and published a variety of articles and hosts live workshops and tele classes, as well as a monthly radio show on the Diva Toolbox Network at Blog Talk Radio, about finding your unique presence and bringing it authentically to the world in your appearance.  She was also a Solo-E.com certified expert.  Laurie is also passionate about working with speakers, authors, executive leaders, coaches and entrepreneurs who are stepping into the spotlight.  To set up a style consultation with Laurie, contact Stylist@timetoshiftyourstyle.com



Jax has been styling men and women in Greater Boston for over a decade. At the age of 16 while looking to find love, she began working at Structure, a Limited Corporation.  What she discovered was that she had fallen in love with clothing. Putting together outfits for young men came effortlessly to her. Quickly she was recognized as a high volume sales producer and as Structure evolved into the Expressmen brand she continued her career with the company through high school.

The love of styling lead her to the University of Rhode Island where she earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Textile Merchandise and Design.  While studying, she apprenticed for the personal stylist of Nordstrom in the Providence Place mall.  After graduation she continued working with Nordstrom at the Natick Collection.  Within two months in the handbags department she became the top seller, consistently recognized for highest sales volume.  When she met Eric Nordstrom for the first time she explained how she was going to be the first stylist out of the handbags department.  His response was, “That seems difficult. How would you style someone from the bag up?”  “If you are a true stylist, it really doesn’t matter where you start as long as the look is cohesive” she told him.  Within the year she became the first stylist out of the handbags department winning accolades such as the Nordstrom Selling Star award, the highest given to a Nordstrom associate.  As part of the stylist team Jax was asked to style the Red Sox Wives Fenway to the Runway Fashion show where she dressed Marie Epstein the wife of then Red Sox GM Theo Epstein which was featured in the Boston Globe. To schedule a consultation with Jax, contact Stylist@timetoshiftyourstyle.com

Marina Casapu – Associate Stylist
head shot

Born in Eastern Europe, Marina’s discerning eye and love for fashion developed at a young age, when she would read fashion magazines and discuss the collections with her older sister. After completing her Architecture degree from the University of Moldova, Marina moved to the US, and set her sights on a career as a fashion stylist.

She started a fashion blog in 2011 under the name of www.live-love-fashion.com where she talks about trends and posts day to day outfits. Marina believes that looking stylish is not about the money you spend on clothes, it’s the time you invest in creating your own style. Her approach to creating a look centers around a very simple concept; understanding who the client is, what they like, and what they don’t like – coupled with her attention to detail.







KAREN VIGURS-STACK, MARKETING & PR STRATEGIST   Karen Vigurs-Stack brings to Shift Your Style a perspective that comes from working conjointly with stylists in both television and advertising.  From creative direction to producing numerous Emmy award-winning campaigns and commercials, Karen is acutely tuned in to the importance of image and knows first hand how stylists can make or break the brand.  As director of Marketing and Creative Services for the CBS-owned station, WBZ-TV, she oversaw the development of the WBZ Means News brand, helping the station achieve its highest ratings in six years.

After leading the creative team at CBS in Boston for over 5 years, she stepped away from the big time to become a full time Mom.  Not one to sit idle, Karen became a consultant with 602 Communications to train broadcast TV stations how to effectively market their brand, while simultaneously, serving as creator and executive producer of a children’s manners show pilot, “Etta, Kit & Grace”.

With over 20 years’ experience in marketing and branding in the Miami, Dallas and Boston markets, she evolved into the world of coaching newscasters how to define their personal brand image by dressing well and looking stylish while broadcasting.  Karen Vigurs-Stack joins Shift Your Style as a marketing specialist and creative stylist.

To contact Karen Vigurs-Stack, email Stylist@timetoshiftyourstyle.com