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Sunglass trends this season are mixing the old with the new. It’s the perfect time to get yourself a cool new pair of sunglasses that are on trend. We’ve highlighted 4 spring and summer ready shades trending now! 

1. Retro Aviators 

Aviator sunglasses have been a long time favorite of eyewear enthusiasts. Slim metal aviators are a silhouette we are all familiar with, recently the silhouette grows thicker and bolder in its spring and summer edition for a vintage vibe. 

5eae9eebcbb6b1a993a4d0f0835160adviaPicMonkey Image-5Classic Aviator // Blair // Liberty


2. Modern Round 

Round sunglass frames are a great pick for those who want a look change. Their retro silhouette guarantees that you will not go unnoticed. They’ve been redesigned for a sleeker, modern more polished look. Don’t be afraid to try a fun print or color especially for spring! 


PicMonkey Image-2Satya // Lady Marble // Clear Skies

3. Geometric

Geometric sunglasses have a futuristic appeal that trendsetter are loving! With their unique design and funky form of geometry they are sure to make a statement. Shapes like the hexagon and octagon are the most popular silhouettes. Can you see yourself trying out the geometric trend? 

Leighton Meester


PicMonkey Image-4Lenix Geometric // Kylie Round Geometric // AEO Metal

4. Sporty Cat Eye

The now classic cat eye is getting a modern makeover for spring. Its new design exudes a sporty and retro vibe that we’re obsessing over! Appearing big and small, with half rims or full, and with mirrored or color lenses, the cat eyes are a top eyewear trend. They are flattering, flirty and feminine! 


PicMonkey Image-3Retro Cat Eye // Printed Cat Eye // Darla Ombre // Ava // Venus

Don’t forget to choose sunglasses based on the shape of your face!  You can contact our Stylists for help to make sure you pick the perfect pair!

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