Winter Weather Wear

  Snowy days is a time for cozy dressing. All of New England is a bit off kilter with kids home from school, offices closed and appointments cancelled. Make the most of it and stay in and bake that cake you've been dying to try or sneak out for a neighborhood snowball fight or - get out there and visit friends in cozy knits and lot of layers . Here are my picks to get you through the Winter Weather! CLICK HERE TO ... Read more

What is Style Club?

In a nutshell, Style Club is shopping made easy. Last week I participated in my first one.  My 'prep' involved 3 steps: Fill out an online Personal Style Profile; answering questions about my fashion likes/dislike, my favorite brands and stores, sizes, price range, etc. Pick a 45 minute time slot at a designated location that was convenient for me Pay $99 (considering I was not the one schlepping out in the car going from store to store, I got off cheap)   Some examples of the Personal Style Profile: My ... Read more

Wardrobe Essentials to help transition from Summer to Fall

By: Amy Gribbel, Professional Stylist An effortless look I favor in the summer is a basic white t-shirt, jeans and a great shoe.  Throw on a statement necklace and you have an outfit.   With cooler, Fall days you can achieve the same effortless look by throwing on a blazer and swapping out the sandals for a pair of booties.   To strengthen your Fall closet and to make getting dressed easier each morning make sure you own a black blazer, bootcut denim, white fitted t-shirt ... Read more

Highlights from Assembly Row’s Fashion Night Out

The streets were hopping Saturday night as Assembly Row celebrated a Fashion Night Out for all its outlet shoppers. Shoppers received swag bags, personalized style sessions provided by the SYS Wardrobe Stylists, in-store discounts and activities, and surprise Random Acts of Fashion.   Prepping before the doors open to the 500 shoppers looking for swag bags and wardrobe consults.     Shift Your Style Wardrobe Stylists providing guests with Silhouette analysis and recommendations.   Aricia providing a wardrobe consult to a fun group of ladies.   Aricia toured around to preform Random Acts ... Read more

What is Your Silhouette Style? Find Out at the Assembly Row Outlets Saturday, October 11th

When it comes to fashion and considering what clothes will enhance our body type, we first need to understand our silhouette style. In other words, what is the basic outline of clothing when it sits on our body, and what areas need to be highlighted while others hidden. As luck would have it, the SYS Professional Wardrobe Stylists will be available to answer this question for us, COMPLIMENTARY!  Please join us:  Saturday, October 11th 6pm-9pm At the Assembly Row Outlets (AVA Building) 445 Artisan Way, Somerville     Are you an H Silhouette like Natalie ... Read more

What to wear to a Food Truck, you ask?

I recently heard someone ask "What do I wear to a food truck"? I'm not going to lie, this particular question was a first for me, but as more and more food trucks are popping up on the North Shore, I thought it would be a fun one to consider. The Kitchen Eatery & Catering in Portsmouth, NH's food truck - a.k.a. The Sandwich King.  Not to be confused with the Food Network Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro.  That said, when ordering from this truck we highly ... Read more

Fashion Flashback – The 60’s Mini-dress

How appropriate as we welcome 50 years of the mini-dress that it is back in style this Fall - not that it ever really went out! If you are interested in some MINI TRIVIA keep reading... Who designed the first mini-dress? Although there is much debate on the subject, credit goes to British designer Mary Quant for raising hemlines by several inches above the knee in 1965. Its worth noting the Quant is also responsible for hot pants! How did the mini-dress get its name? It was named after Quant's favorite ... Read more

Mother Nature Rocks, In Living Color

As the summer winds down I can't help but think about Fall trends.  Specifically, I'm interested in color. Here is a swatch of what you might be seeing - At first glance I thought, hmmm, I'm not so sure about this.  Are these really my colors?  Hands down blue is my favorite, so 2 out of 10 isn't bad, right?  And then it struck me as I arrived home one afternoon, I wear all these colors everyday as I have surrounded myself with their beauty.   Here ... Read more

Have kids, will shop. For less!

I was at Marshalls and wanted to pass along some great finds (made by my children) that also qualify as essentials in any kid's closet. My daughter was gaga over this JouJou faux leather jacket.  Marshalls carries it in multiple sizes offering a tailored look while keeping her warm and stylish this Fall.  Priced at $24.99 (full retail is $40).   Coincidentally, this months cover of Elle Magazine features the talented Kristen Wiig sporting a similar look.  Great minds think alike!                     Just like grown ups, all kids need ... Read more

Back to School – All Uniforms!

If your child(ren) attends private school, and a uniform is required, you probably already know where to find them.  More and more stores are carrying them (thankfully!) so we thought we would share our list just in case -         French Toast is all uniforms.  If your school is registered with their site, it makes shopping easy as it directs you towards the approved styles and colors.   Not only that, but when registered, your school receives ... Read more
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