Coded Couture Exhibit – Technology Meets Fashion

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What is fashion but a means of announcing your personality to the world?  In the Coded Couture exhibit, which ran at the Tufts Art Museum from January 24- May 21, this concept of merging personality and style became more literal with the use of technology.  Shoes made based on the results of personality tests, a feathered harness that fluttered when your blood pressure rises, and a tweeting skirt.  Featured here are garments woven by Alison Tsai.  The woven patterns are the result of a cryptographic system that translates habits and rituals. 



The other garment made by Melissa Coleman, Leona Smelt, and Joachim Rotteveel features a black sheath dress enveloped by a cage that is designed to analyze the stress in your voice and detect when you are lying.  When a lie is detected the wearer is shocked using dog collar technology.  Ouch!  How far is too far when it comes to the personalization of what we wear?  Will our clothing become yet another smart technology device?For more information about the exhibit and the idea behind it check out this link

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