Don’t Sweat It! | Simple Tips To Dress Slim

Now that we’re slowly getting past winter sweater weather, things are moving  fast on your social calendar for the next few months. Dressing for your figure is one of fashion’s biggest challenges, and wearing black isn’t the only tip for looking thin this season. We’re slimming your silhouette with helpful tips and tricks with springs most trending fashion.

1. Show Off Your Waist! — skimming the body without being tight.  Avoid tenting!  Great undergarments lift the bust to further enhance a waistline.  A well cut jacket is the absolute best way to show off a waist and slim your silhouette.

PicMonkey Collage-10Stripe Wrap Top // Wrap Dress // Structured Blazer


2. Color Blocking to Create Shape — skirts, dresses or tops instant slimming and shape.

PicMonkey Collage-11Black & Grey Color Block Dress // Color Block Sheath Dress 


3. Go Vertical — a long chunky necklace draws the eye up and down slimming the whole silhouette.

cfb4fa00e745147871e5cf52809bf6c5Long Black Beaded Necklace

d718c4131ef88842f2d68ef24e1b0376Long Silver & Brown Necklace

15a80191ca4c61d072d519ed3041bf6dChunky Gold Necklace


4. Neckline — those with small shoulders try a wide or boatneck collar, or a cap sleeve to build up the shoulder and proportionally slim the waist to balance a larger bottom half.

PicMonkey Collage-12Blue Quarter Sleeve Boatneck Top // White Cap Sleeve Dress // Boatneck Lace Sheath Dress


We hope you try some of these helpful hints that will chance the way you dress!


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