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Blanket scarves are one of the best ways to dress and layer for Fall! This fashion accessory is a must to have in your closest! It’s a bold statement piece that can be worn in a variety different ways, we’re highlighting two, and we promise after this post you’ll be rushing off to your nearest store to pick up one or four!!


The easiest way to make your scarf part of your actual outfit and not just an after thought is belting it! This creates a more structured look and doubles with keeping you warm since you’re layering!

belted 1 belted 2 belted 3 belted 4 belted 5

belted 6

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The easiest way to wear scarves is the way we all know – draped around our necks. The beauty of blanket scarves is how big they are so the draping can really be a statement!

draped 1

draped 2

draped 5 draped 6 draped 4 draped 3

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So where can you pick up some of the best scarves for the season? Here’s a few from Nordstrom that we love!

blanket scarf 1

This scarf is a different pattern than the usual plaid scarves that we are used to seeing this season – the colors are great and still very bold. Best part -it’s $28!


The colors are a little more muted in this scarf making it really Fall appropriate and perfect to pair with a long sleeved shirt and some jeans!


This is my favorite scarf because it comes in two different colors – the taupe combo is my pick!

If you need a step by step guide on how to drape your scarf check out this post! How do you feel about blanket scarves? Will you warm up to them this season?

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