How To Series – Storing Your Winter Clothes

This particular winter has been—in a word—excruciating—so it’s a given when temperature outside are heating up, it’s time to tuck away those sweaters and store your snow boots. If your closet and storage space is limited, storing your winter clothes can be a hassle. You’ve probably put a lot of thought into your coat, boots and sweater selection this winter, and the last thing you want is for everything to look like a hot mess when the weather cools down again. We’ve created a list of helpful tips and tricks to keep your winter gear in great condition without sacrificing closet space.

1. Cleaning 


Tips for Cashmere:

Despite what it says on the tag, cashmere is best washed by hand in cold water with baby shampoo or Woolite for optimal softness and protection from chemicals. Always fold cashmere sweaters in thirds so you don’t get a fold line running down the front of the sweater.

Tips for Wool:

Light wool sweaters can be wash on machine’s hand-wash or wool cycle setting with cool water. To hand wash, use a mild detergent and lukewarm water and let the item soak for 3 to 5 minutes before rinding in cool water. When removing stains from wool, blot (don’t rub!) with cold water or club soda using an absorbent cloth or paper towels. To dry, gently squeeze the garment and lay it flat. Hanging can ruin the clothing’s shape.

2. Packing 


Resist the urge to hang sweaters, as they can became misshapen. Instead, fold them and place them in plastic bins or fabric storage bags, with the heaviest garments at the bottom. Don’t over stuff every sweater in one bin—air needs to circulate, otherwise mold and mildew could form.


3. Storing

The biggest issue regarding storing winter clothing is where to put all those pieces of clothing. For most, a closet simply will not hold more than a season or two of clothing, particularly with bulky winter pieces. Under the bed is a perfect option for items like boots, sweaters, and coats. Larger trunks also make great storage options and can typically hold a great deal of clothing (look like an intentional vintage decor piece too!). Plastic bins are fine for non-delicate items like t-shirts, jeans, wool sweaters, or polyester. Delicate items such as silk, organza, or cashmere can be stored in cotton-canvas storage bags.



4. Shoes


Before storing tall boots, ankle booties, pumps, or loafers, loosely packing them with tissue paper or old magazines, this will help to maintain shape until next season. 

Do you have any tips for storing your winter wardrobe?

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