How To Series: Style Your Flannel

We must admit that we love bundling up and getting comfortable when the temperatures drop, and sometimes this means losing our sense of style. So, why not bring style back into our favorite and staple fall piece: the flannel. 

When it’s difficult to dress in falls unpredictable weather, this baggy causal men’s shirt can be a fall fashion lifesaver.  For a rugged alternative to a classic cardigan, throw it on over your everyday outfit to stay toasty and stylish. If your schedules are anything like ours, you’re always running to something! A flannel is functional for your busy day and you’ll always look cute! The best is they come in a variety of colors, one of which is bound to speak to your style!

There are many cute and stylish ways to rock your flannel: wear them open pairing them with a cute graphic tee, jeans and classy ankle booties. For layering, wear them over a basic tee and pair with a denim jacket or blazer, jeans and fashion sneakers. For warmth, wear a vest or fur vest (if you like) over your flannel, paired with jeans and stylish boots.


Do you like flannels? How do you style them for fall?

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