How to Stay Stylish In the Winter When You’re So Over It

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Here in the northeast, we have been getting pummeled by blizzard after blizzard and style hasn’t felt like my number one priority while facing the challenges of freezing temps and icy conditions. Too many days I’ve found myself reaching for my basic leggings and oversized tops or comfy jeans and sweaters, without adding any bit of that extra something to my look.
It’s been all about staying warm, functional and getting out the door a few minutes early to thaw out my frozen car. Well, I’m making a commitment to bring some style back into my day, because getting dressed every morning with just a bit more oomph is what I really need to brighten things up! We all know the difference in how it feels when we’re facing the world in a look that truly reflects our unique style personality in an intentional way, as opposed to one that says I just don’t care.
We care!!
But how do we stay stylish when we are just so over winter?!?  Stay inspired! Revisit the trends that got you shopping for the Fall/Winter 2014 season.
Bring back that gorgeous wrap coat you invested in and give your ski jacket a break. I know it’s hanging by the door because you’ve just shoveled, but this afternoon when you’re running errands, wear your luscious wool coat, or new sleek puffer. If it’s freezing and windy, pull on your shearling, it’s all about the cozy shearling this winter! Let’s take a look at the gorgeous coats from the season and fall in love again with the looks we couldn’t wait to swaddle ourselves in a few short months ago.

Outwear to wear now//



Wrap Coats//

wrap coat 1 wrap coat 2

Puffer Coats//

Puffer Coats

I’ve also found myself wearing my winter boots, I’ve nicknamed my “fugly boots” just about everywhere. And they’re a pretty cute snow boot as far as that sort of thing goes, but I realized it’s just a shame I’m not getting the wear out of those new knee high boots I thought I might die over or the chunky bootie I justified buying because I swore I’d get so much use from them! They’re both still totally functional on my city sidewalks and inside the mall. So, why haven’t I been wearing them? I’ve just about given up on this season all together and gotten too lazy! So, again, here’s to keeping our style game strong throughout this tough winter. Let’s get back into by what makes winter worth it: boots!

On Your Feet//

Knee Boots - Nectar ClothingKnee Boots 1 - Duo


So if all you could muster up this morning was another simple sweater and jeans look, how about accessorizing with some fun jewelry and a little bling to pull a look together and add some finishing touches. A great necklace is essential this season. If you like wearing statement pieces, a chunky necklace is right on-trend, or if you are more conservative in your accessories style, then a sleek pendant is very cool and sexy.

Neck Wear

I hope this has given you that boost to return to the beloved items in your closet that you thought you Just.Couldn’t.Live.Without. at the beginning of the season and give them the attention they deserve. We can overcome this winter slump together if we commit to staying fashionable by not getting too habitual in dressing like we are heading out to shovel the walk when we are really headed to lunch with a girlfriend! Let’s do it for each other, my girlfriends are always my best fashion inspirations!
This post was written by our stylist Lisa. To find out more about how to get out of the winter slump click here


Geometric Sweater

Alexa Chung in Shearling coat

Wrap Coat

Statement necklace

Statement necklace

Arrow Brass Pendant Necklace

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