Mad For Plaid

Sometimes we see a pattern and think of a season – for instance plaid is normally associated with colder months, but that shouldn’t really be the case! We’ve found a few ways for your to sport your plaid as the Summer draws to a close and take it into the Fall. A few tips before choosing your plaid – keep your  the color of the plaid in mind because you want it to compliment your skin tone and try to steer clear of too big or bulky pieces. Plaid is a comfortable fabric so you can get something a little more fitted.

Wear it to work with a beautiful pencil skirt like the one below.
plaid 1

Wrap it around your waist for a casual vibe.
plaid 1

Find a plaid shirt with fun accents like this floral one and you can have your ode to Summer.
plaid 1

Of course there is the ever famous Burberry plaid that really does go with everything like these white shorts.
plaid 1

This belted shirt dress could not be more perfect for summer. Best part – under $20! 
plaid 1plaid 1plaid 1

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How would you wear your plaid?

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