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Another successful Style Presentation at Marcum LLP Boston today, talking about how to dress professional for clients and business meeting, as well as dressing for a new modern casual workplace.

A big thank you to our fantastic model and organizer of the event, Richelle Maguire at the firm! We enjoyed meeting you all and had a blast.


Dressing for a job, an interview, a networking event or business meeting is a daunting task for everyone at some point in their career. Each company and event is different, so it can be nerve-racking not knowing what the proper dress code is and what is and isn’t appropriate to wear. Your clothes say a lot about you and we want to help you make the best first impression!

We work with your team to create a style presentation that makes sense for the office environment that you’re working in and create a detailed outline of styles, silhouettes and materials that not only work for the season but for your business! If you’ve recently changed your companies dress code policy or would like to offer something a little different at your next company meeting find out more about our Style Club services.

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