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Relatively new to the online shopping game is T.J. Maxx! I definitely squealed a bit when I found out that I could shop one of my favorite stores online and have free returns in any T.J. Maxx store!! I know you’re probably wondering what’s available online that isn’t available in store – that’s really hard to tell!  The turnover of merchandise is so quick that I’d say you could find new items every single day, just like in store!


What makes shopping online at T.J. Maxx a little easier than in store is that you can now sort with your mouse rather than combing through racks and racks of clothes!! What’s even more impressive is that they offer their “Runway” collection that is still not offered at every T.J. Maxx location.




Afraid you’ll miss the clearance section that they have in stores? Well don’t worry because they’ve also included that online!



So Maxxanistas – do you think you’ll take your shopping online now?!

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