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With the school year coming to an end, summer camp schedules posted and family vacations planned, you spent a lot of money on those tickets. Now you don’t want to wear anything fussy or fancy traveling, spending some time putting together airport outfits that are equal parts cozy and stylish is well worth the effort. From sporty joggers to cropped relax boyfriend jeans, to practical flats and sneakers, these comfy trends will step up your airport-style game effortlessly!





Our Stylists have thoughtfully put together a list of  tips on how to stay stylish and comfortable for your flight.


1. Always carry a pair of dark glasses in my carry-on luggage or purse.

2. Wear comfortable stretchy or loose jeans and/or leggings. Absolutely NO TRACK SUITS AND SWEATS!

3. The right jacket can finish of an outfit and look suitably stylish for the traveling fashionista. Choose a neutral color goes with loads of outfits. If a jacket is too heavy, try a patterned scarf to throw over your shoulders if you get cold. 

4. A pair or flats or sneakers in a neutral color are not only stylish and comfortable, but they are practical and easy when going through airport security. 

5. On a long flight, pack a secondary outfit like a pair of yoga pants with a comfortable t-shirt or jumper in your carry-on luggage. You can always change back into your stylish clothes just before the plane lands.

6. Last but not least, make sure you’ve always got your credit cards handy. If your luggage ever gets lost, you can always buy a new wardrobe, which wouldn’t be that bad after all!


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PicMonkey Collage-3Michael Stars Layered Tee Top // Three Dots Women’s V neck Tee
PicMonkey Collage-4Heather B Open Hang Jacket //Bobeau Cargo Tie Jacket //  Three Dots Linen Jacket 
PicMonkey CollageSide Stitch linen Crop Pant // Bailey 44 Sand Pant // Sanctuary Terrain Pant


PicMonkey Collage-2Parker Smith Straight Crop Pant // Lissie Keyhole Leggings // Parker Smith Crop Jeans


PicMonkey CollageTolani Butterfly Scarf // Tolani Gardenia Scarf 


16F11201_20RUBINA_OXBLD_fde53e67-2626-4402-9414-ec839219966dSocial Rubina Tote Bag


What’s the next trip you’re planning? 

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