What’s Your Shopping Personality

Shopping can be exhausting, especially when you aren’t sure what it is you’re looking for.  A few months ago InStyle had a great article called “The Big Buy Theory.” Sadly I have not been able to find the article in it’s entirety online anywhere, which is why I thought I’d share what they called to be the four most common buying personalities! In our Initial Consultation we help our clients uncover their Style Personality to help them shop smarter and develop their personal style.  Enjoy this fun InStyle version and hopefully you’ll be able to nail down your shopping pattern and avoid having to ship back purchases or worse trek to the mall to make those returns.


These are my interpretations of each of the InStyle personalities!


The Minimalist




+have your dressing down to a science

+stick to brands you know and love

+have a knack for mixing and matching your wardrobe pieces but mostly in a neutral color palette


Your lack of variety can cause you to become bored with your closet


Splurge on a minimalist cut that has a beautiful silhouette that you’ll end wearing for years to come.


+Accessories to add dimension to your look

+Focus on purchasing different parts of the outfit at a variety of times that way you don’t get overwhelmed while adding to your closet.

The Trend-Spotter


+ have style that is constantly evolving

+have the ability to create outfits from layering & finding different silhouettes

+feel like fashion is another extension of your ability to express yourself

+constantly return items because that leopard print wasn’t quite the quality you hoped for


Being too on trend may lead to fashion faux pas


 Take the time to invest in pieces that will wear well and for a long time.

If you’re still apt to do a lot of online shopping, find sites that offer free shipping and returns because odds are you’ll be doing a lot of returning


+When that trendy piece goes on sale.

+Start paying attention to when you favorite brands/sites have sales and wait to make that purchase.

+Search the pre-owned and loved market for those expensive pieces – odds are you’ll be able to find them for a fraction of the price.


The Investor



+choose quality over quantity

+often look expensive

+hunt down the latest fashion trends straight from the runway


The clothes could end up wearing you if you’re not careful


+Create a hard to forget look by mixing high & low priced items

+Become really good friends with sales associates and never be afraid to ask when that piece you’ve been lusting over will finally go on sale


+Lesser known designers that have a similar look and feel to your favorite high end designers

+Elegant pieces that are easily transitioned from day to night


The Accessories Maven


+have the ability to change an outfit with shoes, bags & jewelry

+take a boring t-shirt & jeans look and transform it into a Pinterest worthy outfit

+have an abundant number of ways to transform a look


Too much can end up looking kitschy


When in doubt – go with the less is more approach and take one piece of jewelry off before leaving



+Know when to splurge and when to save – that statement necklace and midi ring are prime examples

+ Your expensive pieces should be worn a number of different ways and for many years

+A great organization system for all your accessories from shoes to bags

Personally, and like many people, I’m a mix of more than one of these styles but I am a born Minimalist. Minimalists can look into their closet and get that sinking feeling of staring it to a dark hole of nothingness… and think the phrase we’ve all uttered at one time or another,  ” I have NOTHING to wear!” Don’t fret and make a conscious effort to buy pieces that will work with items that are already in your closet and don’t be afraid to add color and dimension with accessories.  We can do it!

Do you know what your buying personality is? Get a jump start on finding out what type of shopper you are by clicking here as well!

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  1. Yana S. Barton February 11, 2015 at 3:15 am

    Definitely an investor, but aspiring accesories maven. Love the post !!!

  2. Erica Roux February 10, 2015 at 12:30 pm

    I love the minimalist 😉 great post!

  3. Erica February 10, 2015 at 12:08 pm

    I am without a doubt a minimalist and definitely tend to get bored with my wardrobe. These are great suggestions to help me get out of my rut!

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